Resoluting And Things

Resoluting And Things


I was going to check my 2013 resolutions to see if I actually accomplished any of them, before making new ones for this year but as it turns out, I was seemingly still working on 2012 at the time, because the list is nowhere to be found. Luckily, not much has changed and I can pretty much just keep the not one, but two lists of New Years Resolutions that I set for myself 2 years ago. In red is my 2013 update, in blue 2014.

List One:

1) Eat more chocolate DONE! – Done!

2) Drink more wine Check! – Yes!

3) Sell at least 2 of my children into slave labour Fail – Not sold, but 2 moved out, does that count?

4) Stow away on Dom Castelli’s Cruise ship Did not happen –Still packed, ready, and waiting…

5) Breed goats DONE! But only in my mind… – Yep, lots of imaginary mind goats

6) Ask boyfriend if I can have a girlfriend (again) Did not go over well – *Ouch*

7) Embark on career as VCR repair woman Still working on the business cards – was recently informed that VCRs are obsolete, currently working on new career goal.

8) Convert to Rastafarian-ism Lost interest – What???

9) Start cat shelter DONE! – Still going strong + 1 1/2 dogs

10) Start smoking again Fail – Almost there, I can feel it!

List number two

1) Update The Lady’s Lounge and Sweet Vegan at least 3 times a week each. Almost but not really even close… – Some weeks, totally, and others, not so much…

2) Finish writing my first book. FFFF- – Arrrrrgggggg!

3) Finish writing 14 songs Nope – This is getting a bit depressing now…

4) Perform internationally at least once this year Done! – YES!!!!

5) Lose 10 pounds Yes! I lost over 20 pounds!! – And then I gained it back again…

6) Heal myself Not even close! – A work in progress (as I rock back and forth in a ball, moaning and groaning on the couch while writing this)

7) Produce 2 shows in Montreal Not done but… I have a surprise for you coming up in May…. – Or at least I did but guess what, it’s happening this spring instead so it’s alllllll good.

8) Attempt to start playing violin again Attempt completed albeit entirely unsuccessful. – I played 2 times this year. Not cool.

9) Meditate regularly. Meditating and napping aren’t the same thing though right? – Not even once.

10) Yoga at least 3 times a week Fail – Pass. for the first 6 months of the year. Severe fail from July-January.

11. Master mindfulness to the best of my ability umm…

12. Practice unconditional acceptance yeeah, no. But I tried. I really did.

13. Find a job I love to do that pays me what I worth. God that’s sad…

14. Create 4 brilliant new acts I’m not sure they were brilliant but I created several new acts so I’m going to say DONE!

15. Take a couple refresher driving lessons (I’ll explain later) DID AND DONE!

16. Take a dance class Anybody want to take a dance class with me? I’m serious. Anyone?

17. Face-lifts for both and SweetVegan.Net Done but they’re due again…

18. At least 4 photo shoots for Only 1 done. Let’s try that again shall we?

19. Study another language Yeah, but it was just more French, that doesn’t really count does it?

20. Make most purchases re-used, recyclable, bulk, homemade, fair trade, local earth friendly etc… I did some of that for sure. yay Jen? I recycled these resolutions didn’t I?

Okay. So Here’s the thing…

For 2014, because I have grown even more attached to them then I did last year, I am keeping all my leftover resolutions (that I haven’t accomplished yet) instead of making new ones. PLUS
adding the BONUS resolution to……


Run my first 5K race


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