Happy New Year (2017 )

Happy New Year!!

So here’s the thing: Every year I update my New Year Resolutions from the previous year – checking off the ones that were accomplished, and reevaluating the relevance of the ones left undone – I either delete or update them accordingly and repost.

I wouldn’t say that these resolutions are necessarily boring, but they’re personal – and not in a juicy secret exciting kind of a way. i.e.. publish blog posts more consistently, learn to speak Spanish, set up a housekeeping schedule etc…

And while anyone who knows me, knows that I still set practical resolutions this year (and by set, I mean wrote the list, illustrated it in full colour and scheduled every single baby step leading up to the accomplishment in all three of my agendas and 2 online calendars) but I’ve decided to also try something new. A fun and somewhat interactive set of resolutions that I can literally share with you. If you like petting goats and playing board games that is…

New Year Resolutions 2017

  1. Pet a goat 3 times. Which isn’t to say, pet the same goat 3 times in one petting, or  even pet 3 goats in one petting, but pet a goat, any goat, 3 completely different and separate times over the year 2017
  2. Instigate 4 public social calls for action, as I mentioned in Facebook Isn’t Real Life. Start with inviting all of Facebook out to a movie during my Christmas/New Year Vacation.
  3. Host one game night at my house while it’s still cold out enough to justify a fire in the fireplace because that’s what people do in movies. So, since I live in Montreal,  make it happen anytime before July, basically.
  4. Go fruit picking. Any fruit will do.
  5. Host Oscar night at my house February 26th – serve classy cocktails and adorable hors d’oeuvres and impose red carpet dress code on all participants, including family pets.
  6. Finish constructing the Donald Trump/Donkey mutant piñata that I started and hung to dry in my basement 3 weeks ago.
  7. Complete a latch hook rug and advertise it for sale on eBay. Justify bidding start price of  $150.00 with a picture of myself holding it in my arms, preferably weeping, fondly remembering the one of a Lion’s head that I made when I was 8 years old. 
  8. Start going to a group or a club or a circle of some sort. I don’t have a dependancy recognized by anonymous, so it should probably be a book club or a craft circle of some sort. It takes me months to get through any book, on account of my practical resolutions and all the to-do lists I have to follow in order to get through them, so book club is probably out.  I can’t knit, sew or crochet but maybe if I brought lots of snacks and wine, nobody would say anything about me working on my latch hook while everyone else there does real art.
  9. Stop beginning  each and every morning by twitter-begging Donald Trump to impeach himself.
  10. Ice skate 6 whole feet without hanging on to anyone or anything. Without knee pads and a helmet. Well, helmet optional. I mean, even toddlers don’t wear helmets to ice skate. Or do they? Maybe a helmet isn’t a bad idea. Okay. Ice skate 6 whole feet without hanging on to anyone or anything – helmet obligatory.

I plan to include, invite and keep you all posted on all of the above events, and I expect you to feign interest, fake support and encourage, at least half heartedly, every step of the way.


Resoluting And Things


I was going to check my 2013 resolutions to see if I actually accomplished any of them, before making new ones for this year but as it turns out, I was seemingly still working on 2012 at the time, because the list is nowhere to be found. Luckily, not much has changed and I can pretty much just keep the not one, but two lists of New Years Resolutions that I set for myself 2 years ago. In red is my 2013 update, in blue 2014.

List One:

1) Eat more chocolate DONE! – Done!

2) Drink more wine Check! – Yes!

3) Sell at least 2 of my children into slave labour Fail – Not sold, but 2 moved out, does that count?

4) Stow away on Dom Castelli’s Cruise ship Did not happen –Still packed, ready, and waiting…

5) Breed goats DONE! But only in my mind… – Yep, lots of imaginary mind goats

6) Ask boyfriend if I can have a girlfriend (again) Did not go over well – *Ouch*

7) Embark on career as VCR repair woman Still working on the business cards – was recently informed that VCRs are obsolete, currently working on new career goal.

8) Convert to Rastafarian-ism Lost interest – What???

9) Start cat shelter DONE! – Still going strong + 1 1/2 dogs

10) Start smoking again Fail – Almost there, I can feel it!

List number two

1) Update The Lady’s Lounge and Sweet Vegan at least 3 times a week each. Almost but not really even close… – Some weeks, totally, and others, not so much…

2) Finish writing my first book. FFFF- – Arrrrrgggggg!

3) Finish writing 14 songs Nope – This is getting a bit depressing now…

4) Perform internationally at least once this year Done! – YES!!!!

5) Lose 10 pounds Yes! I lost over 20 pounds!! – And then I gained it back again…

6) Heal myself Not even close! – A work in progress (as I rock back and forth in a ball, moaning and groaning on the couch while writing this)

7) Produce 2 shows in Montreal Not done but… I have a surprise for you coming up in May…. – Or at least I did but guess what, it’s happening this spring instead so it’s alllllll good.

8) Attempt to start playing violin again Attempt completed albeit entirely unsuccessful. – I played 2 times this year. Not cool.

9) Meditate regularly. Meditating and napping aren’t the same thing though right? – Not even once.

10) Yoga at least 3 times a week Fail – Pass. for the first 6 months of the year. Severe fail from July-January.

11. Master mindfulness to the best of my ability umm…

12. Practice unconditional acceptance yeeah, no. But I tried. I really did.

13. Find a job I love to do that pays me what I worth. God that’s sad…

14. Create 4 brilliant new acts I’m not sure they were brilliant but I created several new acts so I’m going to say DONE!

15. Take a couple refresher driving lessons (I’ll explain later) DID AND DONE!

16. Take a dance class Anybody want to take a dance class with me? I’m serious. Anyone?

17. Face-lifts for both TheLadysLounge.com and SweetVegan.Net Done but they’re due again…

18. At least 4 photo shoots for DamianaDolce.com Only 1 done. Let’s try that again shall we?

19. Study another language Yeah, but it was just more French, that doesn’t really count does it?

20. Make most purchases re-used, recyclable, bulk, homemade, fair trade, local earth friendly etc… I did some of that for sure. yay Jen? I recycled these resolutions didn’t I?

Okay. So Here’s the thing…

For 2014, because I have grown even more attached to them then I did last year, I am keeping all my leftover resolutions (that I haven’t accomplished yet) instead of making new ones. PLUS
adding the BONUS resolution to……


Run my first 5K race