Dear Crazy Creatives…

Dear Crazy Creatives…

Are you plagued with questions that you don’t have the answers to?

Do you need advice and don’t know who to turn to?

Having trouble deciding whether or not to start your own business? Get bangs? Toss your SO to the curb with the rest of the trash?

Are you dying to know our deepest darkest secrets but are afraid to ask?

You’re in luck!

Meghan and I are recording a very special episode of our podcast next week, where we will

be answering questions from our listeners. You can ask us anything! And I mean ANYTHING.


We’re recording in just a few days but there’s still time to ask you question either by comment, DM or

Click on the image below to leave a voice message.

If you leave us a voice message, we’ll even play it on the podcast!


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