If only Spin class were more like drunk angry sex…

 So here’s the thing. Last week I tried a spin class for the very first time in my life. I’m not going to lie. I didn’t really like it. So

I’m just so glad the reign of terror is finally over…

I hate April Fool’s day.   And with good reason, it’s easily is the dumbest day ever. Seriously. It is so stupid. When my ex was a kid, his mom used

And for the children… Hollow Tombs

“OH MY GOD!!! I can’t believe I didn’t send my kids anything for Easter!” I admitted shamefully in the 50% all easter chocolate labyrinth at Walmart this morning. The shamefully

I Don’t Give A Damn About My Bad Education

Okay, well that’s not entirely true but… Oh my God – Oh my God – Oh my God! I saw Joan Jett in concert on Monday night and SHUT UP!

The Best Exotic Jewish General (Code Lavender)

So I booked another rejuvenating stay at the Jewish General Hospital quite recently, and I have to say; The new wing is pretty luxurious. Yes it took me over 12

Beyonce can suck it and here’s why

Okay maybe I didn’t actually mean that Beyonce herself should suck it. What I meant is that this quote, “You have the same 24 hours as Beyonce” – The internet should

Potential side effects include mild skin rash, compulsive acts of body art, and C Difficile

I want my body back!!! Seriously though. I’m not really a baby, I swear, and if any of these things would just happen alone I wouldn’t even be whining about

The Lady’s Lounge Mug Is Here!

Look! Now we can have coffee together every morning!

Back by popular demand! The Women’s Workshop Weekend – Spring 2016

So first great news is that The Women’s Workshop Weekend is back with it’s 3rd edition this March! A whole weekend of Workshops for women by women – including Self-Defence,

Saving Sharon And Her Seeing Eye Cat

On December 5th, Jo found a tiny kitten on my deck. The poor thing was scared and tried to hide from us behind a palette. We chased her around for

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