Who is WE exactly???

Her face so sweet and innocent. Her eyes so curious and hungry for knowledge…

“We’re not allowed to cremate Jews right?”

The room spun upside-down and it was all I could do to keep the nausea from getting the best of me.
Should I put her in private school? Lock her in the basement? Call a therapist? Call the police?


My child is a sociopath! I suspected her sister about ten years ago when she used to antagonize the cat without apparent provocation or remorse but I never would have suspected the youngest.

OK that’s a lie. I was scared of her for a few months when she was about 4 years old, when she used to reenact the exorcist every time I tried to put her to bed, but I thought we were past all that.

“We, the people. Humans in general.”

Can’t. Breathe.

“Why on earth would WE, the people, want to cremate anyone?”

I wheezed and fumbled for a chair to   hold myself up with.

“When they die mom. Some people are buried and some are cremated, hello.”

“OH! right! No. By Jewish law the dead must be buried in the earth. No cremation. That is correct. Well, I imagine there are some Jewish people who cremate but I think it’s probably rare. You’re right. Don’t cremate Jews. Excellent. Good.”

She gave me the “Maybe it’s time we got a court order and finally have her committed” look and walked away with conformation for her homework.

I curled up in a ball of shame and surrendered myself in advance to the inevitable symptoms of post traumatic stress.

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