Give it to me baby

I went to a dinner party not that long ago and I have to say, it was one of many that found it’s way to the conversation of sex and how women felt they just weren’t getting enough of it. Some who hadn’t had any in months, others who hadn’t had any in YEARS, all of whom who were in committed relationships and/or even married.


I thought men were supposed to be insatiable horn-dogs that wake up every morning with raging hard-ons and chase their wives around relentlessly all day and night, trying to get some action. I thought it was the wives who were too busy washing their hair and getting headaches, driving their poor husband’s to have torrid affairs with their secretaries, nannies, pool boys etc…

What if it’s not true, has this society imposed cliché actually done nothing more than smother men’s libidos with the pressure to be sex obsessed perverts and create insecure self doubting, crazy-making wives/girlfriends?

I think that most of us suffer from the odd drought from time to time and I think we might all be a little bit to blame. I think we are tired and lazy and I think that even when we are aroused, many of us think about sex and follow that thought up with…

but then I’d have to move or…shower.

It’s so much easier to effortlessly sink a little deeper into the couch and watch another episode of Mad Men. It’s kind of like having sex anyway isn’t it?

As I have mentioned in the past, I also think we expect a little much from our partners at times. I for one have been shocked by the surprise that sometimes it takes more than simply being female and laying in the bed next to a guy to get the fireworks going.

But some ladies are genuinely making an effort, they have stopped wearing granny panties and bought some real lingerie and still aren’t seeing results. They have coquettishly but fruitlessly flirted, sprained their eyelashes, hinted, suggested and possibly even begged.

So here’s the thing. If I’m stumbling on an average of 75% percent of non-single women who range from peckish to sexually starving, there has to be about a bazillion others out there and they need your help.

I don’t mean the kind of help that you can get from any issue of Cosmopolitan either.
Light candles and put on Barry white isn’t real advice and neither is turn off the T.V.

What do you do when your guy is more interested in his laptop than your lap dance? how does one reignite the spark when it has faded or died out

And men please! I know you’re reading this. Leave your comment anonymously if you’re shy, but please feel free to leave one just the same. Go on now, enlighten the ladies.

*But people please, no comments about how your man is a multi-orgasmic love stallion who gives it to you 10 times on a slow day.

Nobody cares, nobody believes you and you may unnecessarily cause some women to file for divorce or at least get so drunk this afternoon that they forget to pick up the kids from school so zip it.

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