wanna suck my cork?

Sooo… this dude requests my friendship on Facebook right? Well, not my facebook so much as the facebook of my alter-ego/burlesque characterDamiana Dolce and, assuming he is one of my billions of fans, I accept him.

He then quite promptly sends me an email saying “you looks horny, wanna suck my cork?”

The thing is, I had just prepared and eaten spinach stuffed pasta shells, tossed arugula and spicy pumpkin coconut soup and washed it all down with the bigger half of a bottle of wine and was honestly already quite stuffed by the time I had received his generous offer.
So! My gift to all of you is his facebook address. If any of you hot ladies are up for a little cork sucking, give him a shout. I’m sure he would be happy to hear from any of you. And ladies…You’re welcome.


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