My Vagina + Household Cleaner = Unconditional Love

My Vagina + Household Cleaner = Unconditional Love

When we see the news we are often taken aback by the stories of stupidity and wonder what the hell is wrong with somebody who leaves their baby alone in the car for hours but it’s kind of hard to blame them when you see some of the messages they get when they watch television or read a newspaper.

Sure, people who believe everything they see on T.V. or read in a magazine are probably living somewhere on the simpler side of the neighborhood.

Sure, people who believe that if there were anything wrong with feeding their kids froot-loops for breakfast or that it’s actually part of a balanced meal (froot people, not fruit) because “If it was bad for you they wouldn’t advertise it on T.V.” might not have the HUGEST brains in the world but they do represent the average consumer so…

For some reason we are slightly less shocked when it’s a vintage add from the 40′s or 50′s as though it was Okay to be stupid then.


So….. just so we’re clear, My Vagina + Household cleaner = “Unconditional” love?


If you can’t afford an exorcism, don’t worry! A glass of cross-species breast milk and slab of fatty ham will clear things up in a jiffy!
Thankfully we evolved so much by the 90′s…


Racism = Awesome and Athlete’s Foot is a good thing.

Oh… And speaking of Racism…


Oh! And speaking of how I’m having myself DNAd in hopes of finding out that I’m not actually all that  white


Fun fact! The heart is a dark reddish BROWN colour and is only white if it’s been drained of all it’s blood so…



Plastic + Sulphites + depletion of the rain forests to produce Processed “Meat” product = Saving the world


I’m a little confused, but I feel like this kind of thinking might lead to youth protection and criminal charges …

Oh, and speaking of youth protection….


And speaking of youth protection AND criminal charges…


Thank GOD we aren’t as stupid and ignorant now in the 2000’s right guys? Right?


Absolute vodka is still stupid enough to believe that Mexicans, are naive enough to believe that if they drink Swedish vodka they will get California back… And Texas…Or…? I don’t.. I can’t… I’m not even…

Yes… I know, Absolut  was making a statement…. or were they? Were they not exploiting a little bit of nationalistic pride to sell Vodka by kissing Mexican ass and pretending that they care?


Because, I’m pretty sure that the add was only run in a Mexican magazine, and that when a couple of bloggers shared it internationally, the United States had a little tantrum,

“The ad is an affront to Americans. I’m going to boycott the product!”

Consequently leading to Absolut issuing an apology on its website and on a PR phone line.

Sometimes I’m just embarrassed to be human.

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