On Being Yourself

On Being Yourself

Dear Jennifer June,
You seem so grounded and together.
I feel so scattered and lost, unsure of what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I feel like I’m in constant conflict between who I think I am supposed to be and who I am turning out to be instead. I yearn for the self-assurance and calm that you radiate through your writing.
How do you do it?
P.S. I love your blog. You’re really funny.

Dear Jeannette,

I think the most essential tool in self-discovery is to have a creative outlet. I personally have a few; writing, singing, and performing etc…

I strongly suggest you explore some artistic channels to help calm and ground you.

Also, I’ve invested in hundreds of dollars worth of motivational cassettes and self help books, and I have attended countless hypnotherapy and conventional therapy sessions.

I think the most important lesson I have learned is that there is a difference between that which we expect from life, that which we intend to manifest, and that which we are actually destined for.

If we waste all of our time and energy beating our expectations and intentions to death, we miss out on who/what/where we really are.

For example:

When I stopped hating on myself for not being a good enough mother, and let go of any preconceived ideas of what my destiny was supposed to be, I was then able to allow fate to guide me,  giving myself permission to explore my actual strengths and excel at being “the meanest mom in the whole world”.

And I am a better person for it.

Believe in yourself and let your destiny guide you –

Love JJC

Dear Jennifer,
One of the things I enjoy most about your blog (besides how funny you are) is how you write without worrying about what anybody else thinks.
I want to be myself so bad but I’m so nervous that everyone will think I’m a loser.
Why aren’t you worried that everyone thinks you are a freak? And how can I be more like you? I mean, not a freak, but just not care if people think bad things about me.


Dear Alison,

The key to being your absolute truest, most honest self, and in order to be genuinely fulfilled, and all that you can be in life, is making absolute certain that whatever you are doing, you are doing it for yourself.

You are the only person who is stuck with you for life.

You deserve to be happy and confident and proud of yourself, no matter what that means.

And anyone who judges you is not happy with who they are.

I spent many, many years putting all of my energy toward trying make myself attractive to other people, and I was left feeling empty and alone, degraded and sexually unsatisfied.

Once I allowed myself to celebrate that which I am good at, ie. Being alone, compulsive masturbation and cry-orgasms, I began to feel somewhat more sexually satisfied and…


You see? So be yourself! Love yourself! And satisfy yourself the way no one else can –

Jennifer June

Dear Jen,


You’re hilarious and I LOVE your blog.


I need help in a way that only you will understand.

I am really sick of everybody in my family telling me what to do. My parents and husband all want me to go back to school and get a degree so that I can get a “real” job.

The only thing I feel passionate about in life is blogging. I am subscribed to about 86 blogs right now and I don’t have enough time in a day to read them all.

If I go to school or get a job, I won’t have time to read them at all, let alone comment on all the posts.

What’s worse, I really want to be a blogger. I already have some photos of my cat and my lunch from every day this week, plus 4 of my favourite memes ready to go.

Yummiest lunch evahh!!

How do I tell my family that I have found my real calling, even if they won’t approve.?


Dear Melanie,

It’s important to manifest enough strength, no to be vulnerable too your critics (family and friends), most of whom have not yet gotten in touch with their inner-selves, and are feeling blocked and resentful that you are on your path, while they haven’t the faintest idea where their’s is.

Be careful not to be swayed or influenced too heavily by others, BUT still open to suggestions. Sometimes others see in us what we are not able to see in ourselves.

I remember, my late husband, on more than one occasion, telling me that I would make an excellent martyr.

Looking back, I realize that he was probably right. Sadly, I was too busy doing everything all by myself, with no help from anyone else, to find out.

And I have regretted it ever since.

Blog your brains out and keep me in your RSS feed –


Jennifer June


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