The Numbers are in:

The Numbers are in:


5 hours is what I spent yesterday, transforming my boyfriend’s face into a zombie in Photoshop before both of us decided that maybe the concept was all wrong.

9 hours a day (on average) is what I spent in front of the computer working on the The Lady’s Lounge and Damiana Dolce this week.

3 times in 2 weeks Chloe’s flue has made threatening comebacks

4 of my sister’s 4 children have either Pneumonia, double pneumonia, swine flu or all of the above.

25 times have I wished this week that I had a car so I could go help my sister tame her Germ Festival and care for her children.

5 times I have called Nanci to ask her how her web site traffic is going (somebody save me from the inevitable geekdom that I so dangerously encroach upon)

2 is how many movies (Mademoiselle Chambon and Sois Sage) I watched in a row on Sunday at Cinemania

1 is how many movies (Baraka) my boyfriend forced me to watch immediately afterwards

2 of which I enjoyed

3 of which were of heavy subject and emotionally draining.

27 days I have been waiting for my E.I to be processed

12 days late on the rent

6 times I told the landlord not to cash the cheque until I called him to say the money was in the bank

43 dollars is what I owe my bank for the NSF fee because he cashed it anyway

1 of the neighbors cats has decided to move in with us and now sleeps on my bed 20 hours a day.

30 lbs is about how much he appears to weigh

2/3 of the bed is how much room he takes up in the night

18 times my daughter rolled her eyes at me this week (not bad)

6 times I was told “You don’t understand” and “ A LOT has changed since you were a teenager MOM” along with a slew of variations

26 times my boyfriend has asked if I am excited to go the Jesus Lizard show tomorrow night

1 o’clock Friday night/Saturday morning my boyfriend is battling DJ Izno at Bain Mathieu.

6 days left until the Blue Light Burlesque show at Café Campus

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