Radioshow – MF Daisy Songbook Concert

Radioshow – MF Daisy Songbook Concert

One more sleep until MF Daisy’s Songbook Concert, Radioshow!
Come join us for an afternoon of song and dance and all kinds of awesome!

Also, for those of you who wanted to pledge a donation there are only a few short hours left to do it.

All proceeds from the show go to Dignity Productions

Through Plays, Poems, Music, Dance, Art Exhibits and other creative endeavours, Dignity Productions supports the efforts of The Fistula Foundation in eradicating Obstetric Fistula (a devastating birth injury) and restoring dignity to the lives of the over 2,000,000 women who are its victims.

They need to know THEY ARE NOT ALONE

And you can donate as little as a dollar if you wish, by clicking on this poster:

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