Octomama vs The three stooges a 12 year old republican and Barbara ( I used to have respect for you) Walters.

Octomama vs The three stooges a 12 year old republican and Barbara ( I used to have respect for you) Walters.

I never watch the view, but today I stopped pretending to work, to sit and have an early lunch in front of the television and was subject to the abuse of witnessing “The View“.
I think I used to like that show once…

Dear “The View”,
So today’s victim on your show was Octomom, Nadya Suleman.
Let me say first that I really hate it when the entire hypocritical mass that is otherwise known as the society of North
America, stages these ignorant judgmental hate campaigns against people in the public eye.

Let me say secondly that I find it grossly inappropriate, somewhat unprofessional and hugely juvenile when celebrities with your level of influence over mass audiences, feed this mob mentality.

Before I begin to dig in to your delicious interview, let me also say that I think it’s probably a given that it’s not a good idea to give birth to 8 babies when you already have 6 and don’t have the means to support them. In fact, I’d say it’s probably a given that having 14 kids is pretty stupid no matter who you are. HOWEVER, I also feel that somebody who does choose to do this does not deserve to be villainized and publicly humiliated for it.

Furthermore I think that anyone who stages an interview that they know will only prove to be hurtful and potentially devastating to the children of the subject is grossly irresponsible even when they do it under the guise of being concerned for those children, their health and well being.

You asked her if she realized that there are many people who think maybe she isn’t “all there”.

She told you that she agreed that her ideals were at times indicative that she had phases of being somewhat in denial or delusional about how much should could take on.

You ladies jumped on that one like flies on shit didn’t you?

And then she continued to say that if she were truly mentally unstable she would have drowned a long time ago.

So, in case you missed it, her answer was a resounding NO but you had to go and say something really stupid like “delusional and in denial sounds mentally unstable to me.”


None of you have been delusional or in denial?


Because I only have 3 kids and I’m there most of the time. It may be the only form of coping that I know.

And if in fact, if I had never in my life had moments of delusion or denial, I assure you, none of my children would have been born.

You clearly only invited her on the show to attack and ridicule her. WHY?

So she has a billion kids..and she is supporting them by enduring these monotonous yet gruelling and abusive interviews with people like you, and writing a book about her experience. WHO THE HELL CARES?

So you’re pissed that she doesn’t have a plan for how to support her kids after the interviews and interest in her book dry up. I get that.

I know, the world of acting is such a stable employment pool but it’s actually possible that you, with maybe the exception of Barbara, could all lose your jobs tomorrow and potentially never get another gig for as long as you live.

Should we berate you for having children?

Oh no wait… you’re not mad that she has children, you’re mad that she has too many children. You’re worried that she is stretching herself too thin to properly provide for them emotionally as a parent. Right…

I must have missed the episode where you all ganged up on Angelina Jolie.

Speaking of Nadya and thin, was I imagining things or did you even show some resentment for her getting back in shape after the pregnancy, by working out 3 hours a day?

So if you’re Madonna or Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s dedicated, sexy and hot. If it’s Nadya Suleman it’s…what?
Shallow, self serving and neglectful?

Or were you implying that she has an “unnatural” bikini body. You don’t really want to go there do you Barbara?

The only fun in watching that interview was how Nadya nervously deflected most of your questions while babbling quite eloquently and bursting into “maniacal” cackling as Sherri called it.

Speaking of which, it was a bit sad the way that Sherri, after asking a non-question, seemingly had nothing intelligent to say at all and reduced the interview to mocking Nadya for the way she laughs. Absolute brilliance.

Also, pretty pathetic that you stooped to picking at the single mother of a trillion kids who you yourselves, for all intents and purposes, have clearly deemed “mentally unstable”.

If only she were on Jersey Shore, you showed the clearly “mentally unstable” cast of that train wreck about 100 times the respect and they have about a 100th of the intelligence put together as Nadya does alone.


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