I may not be proud, but I’m pretty pleased with myself…

I may not be proud, but I’m pretty pleased with myself…


It’s like I’m basically a creative genius or something.

I’ve owned this weird old frame for roughly 6 billion years, and have intended for just as long, to put photographs of my 3 daughters in it.

The thing is the style of the frame doesn’t really look right with the style of photos this century.

And even though I’m sure I have some era-neutral pictures of the kids somewhere, I’d have to go through the 12 ton tupperware storage container and dig through all my deepest darkest secrets, evidence of my lost youth, and lost loves, and bad fashion choices over the years, to get to them.

So I keep putting it off.

Today, I decided, was the day to fill empty frames.

Starting with a giant wooden frame, that hung empty over the sofa for the last 3 apartments, the other being my so-bad-that-it’s-good “gold” vintage trio frame.

Pictures of the kiddddsssszzzzzzzzzzz…..

Okay, big one first, How amazing would it be if I had a photo taken of my 3 daughters and then had the photo printed on canvas, for that frame, to hang over the fireplace?

WAIT!!! How much MORE AMAZING would it be if I made a 97 inch wide collage of a Mexican donkey for that frame, and hung it over the bed?!?!?!?!!!!!


So I started to search on the interweb for pictures, drawings, and paintings that would lead me to artistic greatness. Which OBVIOUSLY led me to find out that Donkeys are apparently all the rage at weddings these days.


Which led me to find the cutest pictures of wedding donkeys on the entire planet.

We led me to (naturally) want desperately to get married.

And also this unexpected event happened:

Giant frame is still empty but:



Sorry kids…

I also came across this photo and thought maybe THIS could look amazing over the bed, as a plan B, should the donkey collage fail.

Not that I can think of any reason at all why my Donkey collage wouldn’t

  1. a) Be brilliant
  2. b) Be the kind of thing that wouldn’t give somebody nightmares when sleeping under it

But just incase.

If any of you wood crafters out there are up for the task…


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