I Cheated On You, And I’ll Probably Do It Again…

I Cheated On You, And I’ll Probably Do It Again…


It’s true. I did. And I’m not even sorry.

And honestly, not to be a jerk or anything but I feel like maybe, you should take some responsibility for this.

What I mean is that it shouldn’t exactly be a huge surpise or anything.

I mean, I looked it up on The Google, and it’s pretty clear that all the signs were there.

Cheating sign #1

Your partner takes a brand-new interest in his or her appearance — but doesn’t seem to care whether you notice. An alluring new hairstyle, a sexy shift in wardrobe, a hot new look…



perhaps he or she has started spending hours at the tanning salon, countless hours at the gym.

– Boot Camp, Boxing, 67 Kilometer bike ride through New York? I mean…


Cheating sign #2

Your partner gives evasive answers to simple questions. If your partner develops a new defensiveness or sensitivity to requests for information about where he/she has been, the person may be hiding something and is afraid you’ll put two and two together.
I was BUSY! Doing Stuff! Important work stuff!!!! I had SHIT to take care of! Geeez! You’re so paranoid! Jealousy is a disease!!!

Cheating sign #3

Your partner has become secretive. Do you feel closed out to certain aspects of your partner’s life? If so, you have to wonder what lies behind those cordoned-off areas. Secrets arouse suspicion—and often for good reason.
Oh my God! What are you even talking about? You’re so paranoid! I just blogged about about my cervix like 1936 days ago! What were you even doing in my widgets? You’re just making me want to cheat! God!

Cheating sign #4

She’s less interested in having sex with you


Cheating sign #5

He’s gone longer. Does your man usually take the dog out for a half hour run every day, but now it’s a 60-90 minute walk-run? Who is he running into all of a sudden at the dog park or in the neighborhood?

Okay fine. You know what? You’re right.

I’ve been hotter than usual lately.

I wasn’t up front with you about where I’d been.

I was gone for an unusually long time.

And here’s why:

I’m self obsessed, lazy and defensive.

And also,

I was cheating on you.

I posted on Andrea Hausmann’s Blog.

For her. Andrea Hausmann. And her readers.

About my latest photo shoot experience at her studio.

But if you want to get in on the action, I’m totally open to that. In fact, I think it would be really hot if you did.

So go check out the little guest post I contributed to her site here:



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