Happy Happy Joy

Happy Happy Joy

I’ve been running around like a crazy person lately, and if feels like there is barely time to breathe because there’s all this stuff to take care of. Some of it sucks, like work stuff and grown-up stuff, bills and being nice to people and faxing stuff…and stuff.

Some of it is awesome, like social events and preparing for shows and driving about the city and fixing stuff and stuff.

And by fixing stuff I mostly mean fixing two lamps, some wordpress plug-ins and my brain.

And by fixing my brain I mostly mean going to therapy for the first time in years and begging [my therapist] to fix it for me.

It will clearly take years because we’re still working on teaching me proper therapy session edicate. Apparently I haven’t fully grasped the concept.

“I feel really bad talking like this, if she knew I was talking about her behind her back like this she’d be heartbroken” I confess.

“You’re not talking about her behind her back. This is therapy. This is the place to talk about these these things” she reassures me.

“I feel guilty talking about myself for an hour” I apologize. “I didn’t even ask you how you are doing”

She stares blankly at me, shaking her head.

“I appreciate you offering me a reduced rate” I thank her “But are you sure you’re comfortable with that?”

“Jennifer, it’s not YOUR job to take care of MY feelings”

She’s offered me almost half price sessions if it ensures that I come once a week. Should I take that personally?

I’m especially broken lately. So honestly, if she was willing to charge me a quarter of her fee, I’d go every day.

In the meantime, I am trying (and I use that term very very lightly) to focus (which is hard enough in itself) on the positive.

Even though my bedroom suddenly smells like alcoholic chain-smoker.


It’s coming through the window .

How is that even possible? I live on the 2nd floor!

It seriously smells in my room as though a raging drunk who hasn’t changed their clothes in a week or washed their hair in a month, is pressed up against the screen of my window, drooling stale beer and cigarette breath through the wire mesh.

That’s seriously disgusting.

Anyway… back to happiness and joy.

This weekend is going to be awesome and here’s why:

1) Today I’m taking a creative day today to work on some crafty projects that I have been neglecting for months and that makes me very super extra happy.

2) Tonight I’m singing at Café Campus with the fabulously talented cast of Blue Light Burlesque and the theme of tonight’s show is Happy Hour, which makes me so even extra amazingly happy, you have no idea. And the best part about that is that if you’re in Montreal tonight you can come be happy with us for our happy hour Burlesque show. How awesome is that??



  1. Tomorrow I have a super special awesome photo shoot scheduled for a top secret project and really, I mean REALLY, what’s not happiness and joy inducing about a Top Secret photo shoot? Am I right?

So have yourselves a fabulous weekend and hopefully I’ll see your gorgeous faces tonight at Café Campus.

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