The mouths (pencil crayons?) of babes…

The mouths (pencil crayons?) of babes…

I will now share with you a small moment of the beauty of what motherhood means to me.

Without questioning me, please allow me to first point out that bice is actually spelled bajs and it means (literally) shit (the noun) in Swedish.


There are these days, as a parent, after a long and stressful day, that you come home to your loving children to have your heart warmed and your face caressed by a smile.

Perhaps they have picked you flowers and written a poem about how much you mean to them.
Perhaps they have prepared supper so as to give you a chance to rest your weary body for a moment and allow somebody else to take care of you for a change.

Perhaps they have all gone out for the afternoon and you come home to a calm and peaceful oasis, so quiet that the only evidence of children, in the house, is laying on the dining room table and looks a bit like this:


or this:


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