Send in the reinforcement!

Send in the reinforcement!

It seems that almost everyone from those living on the cobble stone streets of Europe and in the ocean side villas of the mediteranean to the bowels of northern Quebec Canada, is suffering from an affliction at the moment.

Some are calling it a nasty cold, some a sinus thingy, and other’s a debilitating flu, while others refer to it more as “this ^$%ing bloody sickness from hell, it’s been #$*&ing weeks, Jesus christ somebody just kill me and put me out of misery please”. The symptoms vary slightly but are either a sore throat, dry cough, wet cough, congestion, nasal flooding, sinus punching, face swelling/slapping, head aching/pulsing/throbbing/exploding, gut wrenching, eyeball stabbing or a combination of some, if not all, of the above.

For the few of you who are not currently ill, grace to your crippling agoraphobia or a general love of a pleasant quality of life – which has kept you indoors and far away from the germ infested population that currently roams the earth and its crevices, I have documented my own journey with this insufferable plague for you:

Day One


Day Two

Day Three, Four, Five…..


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