Oh Betty!

Oh Betty!

What means play and adventure down below?

What comes in a rainbow of choices with fun names like:
Black Betty
Auburn Betty
Brown Betty
Blond Betty
Fun Betty
Malibu Betty
and…Sexy Betty?

That’s right… You guessed it… Pubic hair dye! Yeay!

How awesome is that? I’m tempted to dye my bush turqoise just because I think it would crazy good fun to tell people that I’m a Malibu Betty.

“FUN betty is a hot pink party in a box!”


Check it out,
what if.. just for fun,
you trimmed away enough pubic hair to Vaggazle yourself and show off your new pink button but left just enough to colour purple?

You can even trim a heart shape with the help of betty charmcils pube stencils!

You’d have a pink labia surrounded in Swarovsky crystals, complemented with just a touch of Sexy Betty.

Oh the F@$#ing fun we have in life, and if that doesn’t get you a lover, it has to at least get you a part in Cirque du Soleil’s First ever Erotic Circus, which I plan to plug, promote, produce and cast you in immediately.

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