NO MOLESTAR (Barcelona – Part three / Google go back to school)

NO MOLESTAR (Barcelona – Part three / Google go back to school)

These were free for the taking at the tourist information center downtown Barcelona.

On the back of each one it says ‘NO a la explotacion sexual’

No Molestar4

According to google translator this means:

‘Ardent Russian to please your imaginations; Eastern submissive blue kiss; credit cards, African virgin, 200 Euros are accepted’

‘he is not funny to be eompliece of prostitutes. I choose to have sex with free women’

Is ‘Eastern submissive blue kiss’ slang  for a sex position or fetish, like a Dirty Sanchez or Tea-Bagging or something?

I am not actually sure what eompliece means but I fully support the sex with free women part,   Amen to that.

‘And I who I defend the human rights… So that I help to that prostitutes becomes rich?’

Poetically put but with the exception of a rather elite click, prostitutes are generally not as rich as one might believe.

Also, you’re coming off as more resentful and jealous  than compassionate and protective.

Maybe re-think the approach on this one.
‘If she was not threatened, and speak, I say?’

Wait.. did you mean ‘if she wasn’t too threatened to speak, what would I say?’ Oh, OK, I get it.


“I understood at that time”

‘I was a person with all my rights she did not.
And more than ever we went back’


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