Help save The Lady’s Lounge !

Help save The Lady’s Lounge !

Some of you may have noticed that all the posts, photos, and music you have grown to know, love and listen to, here at the Lady’s Lounge, are missing.

You click on links, on the facebook page, leads you to an ugly error message…

Oops! That page can’t be found.

Pangs ache from deep within as your heart crumbles.

Why? Whyyyy??? You cry to open skies.


Because The Lady’s Lounge files are being held hostage by godaddy and they want a randsom of $195 before August 31st or they cement the feet of every post I’ve written since 2009, wrestle them into a burlap sack, and toss them in the river, never to be seen again.

Scroll down for the long boring version of how this came to be.

In the meantime, for the cost of a cup of coffee a day you could have a cup of coffee. But for a dollar… provided there were 195 people reading this with interest and the driving desire to contribute to what I like to call artistic expression and/or entertaining the masses and/or ranting and blabbering about the trials and tribulations of being me…

YOU can single handedly (all 195 of you) help save The Lady’s Lounge from being lost and gone forever!

Also, if any of you just happen to have any of my posts archived in one of your readers/apps/shrines etc… pleeeeeeeeeease can you do me a favour and forward me a copy to

I know some of the posts seem silly but they are everything I have written for the last 6 years, so any of it that can be salvaged would mean the world to me.


Boring explanation:

godaddy changed the hosting platform that I was using and consequently all of my sites that were hosted on the old system were were taken down.

The plugin I was using to back up my files and databases only worked for one of my sites, Sweet Vegan, but for The Lady’s Lounge and Damiana Dolce, the files are all empty and/or corrupt.

godaddy is willing to do a disaster recovery of my files… for $195 per site.

I have talked to several representatives at godaddy. I have begged and pleaded and menaced and stalked.

They all said the same thing. Some also tried to sell me more products.

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