Dear God In Heaven (I’m Sorry)

Dear God In Heaven (I’m Sorry)

Dear God In Heaven,

I’m sorry.

There I said it.

Well, I’m not sorry sorry but I mean, maybe “over” is too strong of a word for what it is.

I’m just saying that maybe I was a little hasty.

I thought it through and yes, I do need to learn how to set boundaries but I admit, I didn’t have to be so harsh with you.

I mean, I don’t know what kind of trauma you’re trying to work through.

I would imagine, that if the whole bullying, fear mongering and violating of people’s free will wasn’t enough, creating a society disgusting and stupid enough to invent the KFC Double Down would do a number on anybody…

And telling you to get your shit together, well who am I to tell you how quickly to heal or evolve. In fact, who am I to tell anyone to get their shit together ever?

Thing 3 doesn’t stop reminding me that I’m the worst mom in the whole wide world.

I self soothe by throwing a nipple on a wine bottle and rocking myself to sleep at night.

My values and morals (or lack there of) have been on trial for weeks now.

And, it was recently brought to my attention that I’m a trampy whore for posting provocative pictures of myself all over the internet so honestly, talk about the kettle and all that.

I mean, when’s the last time you put half naked pictures of yourself on the internet right?



Okay but technically that’s your kid right?
So, oh no, wait. that’s worse isn’t it?
Plus the part where you were sacrificing him to pay for the sins of your minions.

Man, I don’t want to harsh your holy mellow or anything but honestly, if you were mortal, you would seriously have Youth Protection so far up your ass…

I feel like this post took a turn somewhere and I’m having trouble recovering.

I’ve gone from validating your feelings by being somewhat apologetic without losing my self-righteousness or compromising my pride, to condemning both of us.

I really need help. Or a nap…

So the thing is,

I still think you’re kind of a jerk but I’m sorry for breaking up with you yesterday.

I think we can figure out a way to work out our differences without going our separate ways.

Is what I’m trying to say.

I think I can learn to set boundaries without telling people to go fuck themselves.

Is what I’m trying to say.

It just might take some getting used to, and some time. A lot of time…

Love Jen xx

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