Brain farts in the night…

Boyfriend: Last night was the third time in a week that I dreamed that the roof was caving in on me.

Me: Maybe it’s because you are feeling a lack of control in your life and you feel vulnerable and helpless or you’ve taken on too much and its all falling in on you.

Boyfriend: I read on the internet that it means that I feel relieved about something.

Me: Mmm.. I don’t think so. I think it means that it is tax season and you are in the middle of booking a European tour, finishing and album and about 27 other projects and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.

Boyfriend: Also, I dreamed about plane crash at least twice.

Me: What was that supposed to mean?

Boyfriend: I have no idea at all

Me: Maybe it means that you are scared to go on your European tour because you are going to miss me too much.

Boyfriend: It was probably some sort of premonition dreams

Me: about missing me too much…

Boyfriend: What are you talking about?

Me: You should probably cancel it. There is no use going on tour if you are going to miss me so much that you cry the whole time your there.

Boyfriend: I should call my travel agent.

Me: Good idea.

Boyfriend: I have to make sure my flights are still on schedule.


So do dreams mean anything?

Some people say that they are your mind emptying themselves of all the information that they don’t need.

Some people say that they are premonitions.

Some say that our dreams are real life and what we think to be real life is actually a dream.

Some say that if you dream that you went to school naked it means that people will see through your true self and you will be exposed as a fraud or a phony OR that you want to get noticed, but are going about it the wrong way OR that you feel vulnerable and insecure.

OK, that makes sense… I guess.

But why is it that to dream that you are toothless, signifies your inability to reach your goals and advance toward your interests?

How does seeing a tea kettle in your dream foretell of sudden distressful news?

I recently dreamed that I saw somebody I care about ( who is no longer living) and I was all excited and emotional, like we were having this fantastic reunion. He, on the other hand, was all preoccupied with this drawing he had done and how proud of it he was.

Naturally this hurt my feelings deeply and I woke up wondering to myself…

Why do I have to be self-deprecating even in my dreams?

Seriously? Jen? You waste valuable dream time being rejected by dead people?

Couldn’t I have dreamed up a hot make-out session with what’s-his-name from the hit show, The Mentalist?

Couldn’t I have dreamed about sitting on a white sand beach, eating sushi and gargling champagne while being fanned by 3 beautiful Israeli pool boys and having my feet massaged by little gnomes?

And what part of the dream was significant exactly? The person? The fact that they had magically come alive? The fact that I wasn’t freaked out that they had magically come alive? The drawing? The pencil? The six cases of empty domestic (YUCK!) beer bottles under the kitchen table or the fact that in my dream I owned an iPhone?

What if dreams don’t mean anything? What if dreams are just brain farts in the night? What then?

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