Women’s Workshop Weekend

Women’s Workshop Weekend

Ever find yourself wandering from room to room of your apartment, dressed in a tutu and eating cracker-jacks while singing Peggy Lee’s “is that all there is” over and over again on a loop ?

I think I might have just the thing…

Feeling stuck?

Longing for inner adventure and self discovery?

I do! I have the workshop for you!

Remember the Women’s Workshop Weekend that I put together in the spring?

Well it’s back!

And I’m giving a workshop that I think you should be there for:

Me Myself & Mine is a unique personal growth workshop designed to give you the tools necessary to unearth and clearly define some of your subconscious or neglected desires, and to discover and balance some of the elements you may be missing in your life. You will also learn a simple goal setting technique to help you channel your energy towards meaningful activity and a deeper sense of purpose.
Register here: http://www.womensworkshopweekend.com/shop
And bring an open mind and comfortable clothing…or your tutu.

Other workshops offered include Burlesque, Foraging, Self-Defence, and Habitadaptation, so check out the web site for more info: WomensWorkshopWeekend.com


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