Stay Gold

Stay Gold

Holy crap-bag this is the Mother’s day of all Mother’s days.
I woke up and had a green tea, ignored the dog and cursed the snow as it fell violently from the sky, as if to taunt me.

“Hahahah!! That’s what you get for throwing your winter boots in the garbage you self righteous winter-hating witch!

I wandered down to Café Campus for rehearsal and felt proud and excited about our show coming up on May 19th.

When I got home, there was a bouquet of lilies on the table, and they’re not the kind that smell like goat pee!
Also, my kids gave me a sexy Evil Under The Sun-esque sun hat and some smokin’ vintage movie star sunglasses.

“They’re for you to wear when you go meet Franky in Spain”

the dr. Seuss book Oh! The Places You’ll Go AND homemade vegan cupcakes.


Then we snuggled up on the couch together, me and my girls, and watched…


Yes. The Socs and the Greasers all came back to life and so did my teenage infatuations.

My hair is almost the same colour as Cherry’s now… OK maybe a little closer to middle-aged-burgundy, but still.
What’s even better, I remembered every word of Robert Frost’s poem by heart. I recited it word for word, my lips moving in
perfect sync with Ponyboy’s, our souls connected, our hearts beating as one.

Not only did my daughters agree whole-heartedly that my undying adolescent lust for Matt Dillon was totally warranted but
they almost shed a tear when he was shot dead by the police for basically tearing a magazine in half in the corner store. Grrrrr… such a bad bad

When that movie came out I had posters of all of them plastered from ceiling to floor on my bedroom walls. I bought every issue of Tiger Beat, Teen Beat and Bop magazine chalk full of interviews with all the boys, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, etc…

I used to lay in my bed listening to the radio and applying root-beer chapstick while mouthing the lyrics of I’ll Melt With You at the glossy 3 page centerfold of C. Thomas Howell; his boyish good looks, peroxide blonde hair, denim on denim ensemble and all.

On my summer vacation in Westchester, I waited by the side of the road with my horse EVERY SINGLE DAY waiting for Matt to ride by. My mind so young and naive, my heart so tender and wanting, my hair so chestnut and feathered.

“Oh cute” my daughter cooed, when Johnny asked Ponyboy to read him Gone With The Wind.

“Can we have beer and chocolate cake for breakfast tomorrow?” Asked the other, reaching for the Kleenex.

So maybe being a teenager has changed a little since then and maybe not… my niece has watched every instalment of the Twighlight saga and I couldn’t  sit through the first fifteen minutes.

Time may move forward, but girls will be always be girls.

Nature’s first green is gold…

The Outsiders

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