Where have I gone?

I looked at her profile page. I won’t deny it. I do it and, so does every other chick with a MySpace/Twitter/Facebook page.

We stalk the hell out of each other and any girl who denies this is a flat out liar.

We stalk our boyfriend’s pages, our ex-boyfriend’s pages, our ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s pages, our new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s pages, our girlfriend’s potential new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s pages, and the list goes on.

And for the record, before you boys get all cocky, I know some of you are the harshest stalkers out there so tuck your feathers back in.

So there she was, on his page, with an almost desperate and very public plea.
“Where have you gone?!?”
Arg!! Why won’t she just go away? I’ve resisted checking out her profile for the last four comments now, but COME ON! I’m only human for God’s sake!!

When I finally looked, I was nervous. I was scared of what I would find. My fears were confirmed but the weird thing… I could see, as clear as day that she had already stalked me.

God! Some people have no lives.

She had a ton of photos up. Photos of her with him, photos of her partying with her millions of friends, photos of her in her underwear, with her ass in the air, in her bikini, making “fuck me faces “ and photos of her children right next to those.

My feelings of jealousy and competitiveness shifted quickly to sympathy and pity. I felt really sad. She’s so beautiful, I thought. She has a really pretty face, this amazing body, great tattoos, a cool car, about a gazillion friends and three beautiful children who clearly adore her.

Why, in god’s name, does she need his approval and attention, to feel good about herself?
From a completely compassionate perspective, it’s still just really pathetic. I mean, I would ne….. Oh my god,

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