We have an infestation…

Retrospectively, I guess the signs were all there.

• Unexplained holes and tears in my clothing.

• Strange noises at all hours of the night.

• Unidentified droppings from one end of the house to the other.

• Multi-coloured hairs littering all surfaces of the house.

• Unexplained rashes all over my body, written off as stress by various clinic physicians.

I’ve tried thinking of them mainly as a nuisance, but I hear they can be much more than that. If I continue to ignore them, next thing you know, they’ll be chewing through the electrical wires, creating fire hazards,etc,,,

One of them has already started building a nest in my sofa, and my clothing keeps disappearing. They’re clearly stealing it and then shredding it for bedding material.

I was thinking of taking care of it myself by setting traps and putting out baits, but chances are I will not be able to eradicate the entire colony.

It’s clear by the evidence that we have a serious infestation and I’m going to have to call in an experienced exterminator.

Jennifer June

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