Truly Overkill

I seriously, honestly, really love True Blood. I know, I know, you’re sick of hearing about it but there you have it.

I love it so much that I have created a facebook event, inviting the general public to come over to my house on Sunday nights to watch it with me. Not that more than one or two people ever come, on account of me not actually having any real live non-facebook friends.

I buy wine, make red snacks, and wear vampire fangs and everything. Okay that last part was completely bullshit. But that would be hilarious. It would also make eating ketchup chips rather challenging. But awesome and worth considering.

My kids hate me on Sundays because there is rarely anything in the refrigerator that they are allowed to eat. And I don’t care.

I love watching that stupid crappy show. I love the bad acting and the cheesy story line and ridiculing the actors. I love the terrible sex scenes, I love Alexander Skarsgård, Joe Manganiello and Ryan Kwanten. Passionately, Alternately. When I am having special alone time with myself.

I hate the sound of Bill’s voice and the look of Sookie’s face and last week’s episode sucked bug nuggets. But I love it.

Also, I wish I was a vampire.

That having been said…

Are you serious?? Like really serious? Seriously?

That’s it. Next Sunday, even if only my cat shows up for True Blood Night, shit’s going down. That’s right people, it’s on…

Jennifer June

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