The Windows To My Soul

The eyes are the windows to our souls. Or so they say.

My eyes are impaired, bloodshot, teary and have these weird discoloured spots on the whites, between the iris and the inner corner. My right eye has a freckle in it, right in the middle of the green/grey/blue.

I’m not sure if that gives anyone any sort of insight on the depth of my inner being.

All it indicates to me is that I’m clearly exhausted, I can’t afford glasses, I probably suffer from early-onset glaucoma and the first lines of this song make me pine away for my imaginary freckle-eyed soul-mate:

Windows into my soul, however, would more likely be…

My Style Boho-Shabby-Chic meets Fat-Assed-Single-Walmart-Welfare-Casserole-Mom. (Old habits die hard)

My favourites:

Naked – David Sedaris, Life Among The Savages Shirley Jackson, My Family And Other Animals – Gerald Durrell

Red and Pink

Foods: Sushi and Mexican

Dogs: Squishy-Faced Droolers (Boxers, Bostons, Bulldogs etc…)

Televisions shows: Weeds, Mad Men, True Blood, and Echo: An Elephant to Remember (I cried like a baby)

Season: Fall (even though it makes me cry)

Lovers: Joe Manganiello, Ryan Kwanten,Russell Brand, Alexander Skarsgård, Emma Stone, Jon Stewart, Jack Black… what?

My observations:

To my boyfriend:
“Is it just me or are the people who don’t find me funny kind of stupid?”

My Blurts:

Thing 3: Mom, was I a mistake?

Me: More like the immaculately conceived spawn of Satan.

My bank account: Empty

My discoveries:
…in preparation to move from my apartment last week, i was packing up my sex toys, and among the vibrators and massage oils I found an IKEA catalogue.

This blog post has been interrupted by my sudden realization that my soul might be lost and I will be sending out for search and rescue – effective immediately. I’ll be sure to let you know how that pans out…

Jennifer June

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