A Taste Of Serendipity

Because I live on fantasy Island most of the time, and because there is not much I enjoy more than visualizing the life I would rather be living, I find Vision Boards immensely validating.

They are a widely accepted/encouraged tool, used for manifesting ones’ destiny, if you will.

And since you’re collecting, cutting and gluing, it kind of looks like you’re doing something productive –

Unlike drinking yourself into an oblivion, blasting Antony and the Johnsons and masturbating until you cry…or while you’re crying. Even. So I’ve heard.

One day, while working and researching intensively (read: refreshing my facebook page and perusing internet porn vegan shoes) I discovered a really cool way to collect images for one’s vision board. Pinterest.

So far I have created 4 albums. Favourite Places and Spaces, For The Home, Vegan Kitchen and Visualizing Community.

Eventually, down the road, I hope to live in a sustainable living community, free of dependency on major utility companies, imported goods and packaged foods etc…

For now, I live in the city, plant tomatoes on my balcony, beg, barter and offer my first born child in return for a payment arrangement with Hydro Quebec every spring, and volunteer at the food bank.

But I dream of a world where, instead of suspecting each other of zoning violation, mail theft and paedophilia, my neighbours know each others’ names, share goats -as lawn mowers – and come together, to garden, barbecue, play music and braid each others’ leg hair.

In my visualizing community album I posted photos that remind me of ways to come together and create community in my life now and in the future.

Pizza Night

This photo spoke to me the moment I saw it.

I really miss when my kids were younger and my friends and I spent time together regularly, going on picnics, camping, cooking huge meals together etc…

I guess I’m not the only one because shortly after posting that photo, a fabulous friend who I used to live (and cook) with (when our kids were still tiny and cute) a billion years ago, who I haven’t seen in almost as long, left a comment asking if we could get together.

Instantly gratifying manifestation of serendipitous creation of community.


Jennifer June