Sailor Pants And Tune-Ups

So, I shared some writing exercises last week, 10 tiny things and Things I Enjoy doing. I hope you did them because if you didn’t you’re a lazy, nay-saying doody-head.

Two of the things on my list were Sewing (which I am not good at and haven’t done since I made last year’s Christmas stockings) and Bike Riding (which I haven’t done since I was a kid).

My baby steps included planning a sewing project and getting the bicycle somebody gave me last year – tuned up proper.

I took it to a local bike shop last summer and paid $80- for them to stick it in the back room for a week. They clearly didn’t even look at it, let alone fix it up. There weren’t even any finger prints in the dust. The brakes still stick and the gears don’t shift easily.

I planned not ONE, not TWO, but THREE Sewing projects.

A pair of Sailor type pants, a wrap-a-round dress and a more complicated dress.
Two of the three patterns arrived yesterday.

My next scheduled step will be to go to the fabric store to purchase the materials for the first garment I’m going to attempt sew.

I also took my bike to a different repair shop today, picked it up, cleaned up some of the rust, installed a kick-stand and a rack, gave her bell a face-lift and named her Laverne.

Laverne - Before her make-over

Now I just need a lock and a helmet, and I’m I’m good to go!

Did you do the exercises? Did you choose any steps? Share!

Jennifer June