On The 12th Day Of New Years…

Remember the other day when I told you guys about that thing where some people say that whatever you’re doing at the stroke of Midnight on New Year’s Day is indicative of how you will spend the coming year?

Well Jillian Michaels posted on facebook the other day that it’s not only that first minute but actually the first 12 days!

Like it wasn’t enough pressure to make sure that you are doing exactly the right and most awesome thing for one minute of your life, you have to be on your best, most creative, productive and awesomest behaviour for 17 280 consecutive minutes????

In a row??

And not just once in your life either!

Every single January!!
I also want to point out that I didn’t even notice her status until yesterday which means that I am 4 days in the red for awesome behaviour. This means I have to be even more awesome than I usually am for the next 8 days.

So here’s the thing. My boyfriend insists that if you tell anyone your New Years Resolutions they won’t come true.

That is clearly a load of cow stunk designed specifically by people who want to procrastinate until they forget what it is they were supposed to do –

Who want to put off until tomorrow what they should have the balls to do today –

People who don’t want to be held accountable for their actions because they will be forced to either follow through or be shamed by their publicly played out failure.

Well guess what!

I’m not afraid to fail in front of you. That’s how down-to-earth and keepin’-it-real I am. That’s right.

Except for that I don’t intend to fail because that would be a lame and seemingly pointless plan.

I am ready to be held accountable for my resolutions by the whole entire internet. Or atleast the part of it that actually lands on my blog.


I’m perfectly willing to not only tell all (3) of you what my resolutions are, but to document my progress right here on this here Lady’s Lounge for all of you to see.

And I will.

Starting tomorrow…

Just Kidding, Here they are:

Just kidding, Here they really are:

There you have it.

Anybody else brave enough to share?

Jennifer June