Glam Bam Thank You M’am

Some weeks I feel like a sophisticated lady, all fancy and stuff.
This has been one of them for sure.

I received my photos from the shoot I did with the undeniably adorable and talented Andrea Hausmann at the end of January.

Some of them are cute and the others show the true colours of my inner-Italian-Cougar/MILF. They are cheese-o-rific and I’m loving them.

This Saturday night I sang in a brilliant Burlesque Show at Café Campus. If you were one of the beautiful faces that were at the show, I love you and I thank you forever and always for being such a sweet and inspiring audience.

If you couldn’t make it out but wanted to, you’re in luck because here is a repeat show this coming Saturday, the 18th of February.

A little Glimpse of backstage:

With Cherry Typhoon

Everyone who performed was honestly brilliant and, as always, it was an honour to share the stage with such a talented and beautiful bunch.

The show was over early enough that I was home and tucked into bed with the kitties and a bar of salted dark chocolate (no I didn’t eat the whole thing… I saved half for tonight) in time to watch Saturday Night Live.

At 6 o’clock in the freegn’ morning. I was rudely awakened by Boots/Gus/BowTie/Whose-Cat-Is-That when he suddenly (and quite loudly) decided that he was dying of thirst.

After fresh water was poured and passive-aggressive words were shared, I made myself a soy latte, unpacked my costume, threw a load of laundry in the wash and cleaned the house.

I worked on a couple of top secret songs for a couple of top secret acts I have planned for this spring/summer.

And then had a nice looooooooong soak in the tub, gave myself a mani-pedi and opened a bottle of wine.

I HUGELY appreciated both the *gesture and the deliciousness of the ultra-gourmet Veggie-Chicken burger, all-dressed, with fried mushrooms, that Cloee (Thing 3) Cheffed-up for us tonight.

“We’re celebrating, Mommy, for your last supper”

“Sweetie, it’s not my LAST supper. I’m only fasting for a day and a half”

Because apparently there is such thing as too much glamour.

Because at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning – Which would be this morning that you are reading this – I begin fasting, in preparation for the very sexy Valentine’s Day plans I have.

That’s right, this year, for Valentine’s Day, I will be doing something I have never ever in my life done.

*Yup, On February 14th, 2012, I plan to have the fanciest, most glamorous and sexiest colonoscopy anyone has ever had.

“Valentine’s Day? Seriously? You totally planned this on purpose didn’t you?” Accused Alicia. “Seriously, who did you pay to hook this up?”

I wish I could take credit for this beauty but in all honesty…

That’s. Just. My. Luck.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you guys intimately posted, every step of the way.

You’re welcome.

But for tonight, I have the Grammy’s, a glass of Barefoot and half a bar of chocolate calling me.


Jennifer June