The Art Of Shameless Self-Promotion

I’m pretty good at a bunch of stuff but there is an area where I seriously suck bug-nuggets.


I don’t make or create things to sell, I DO. I BE. The only thing I have to sell me – Me singing, performing, writing, thinking and basically just being my awesome self.

And I’m really really bad at creating hype about me, and this seriously handicaps me, professionally speaking.

I don’t know what my problem is exactly but I almost feel like its pretentious and egomaniacle bragging. Oh how I wanted that to be a real word. Damn you spell-check.

And in overcompensating for potentially coming off as a self-absorbed, narcissistic boob, I end up sucking really bad at promoting myself.

Albeit NOT as Bad at it as the photographer who put this beauty in the window of his shop to attract customers…

But you know what? HE believes in himself. Clearly. And I respect that. In fact I’m thinking of going back to the mall and buying the portrait to hang over my sofa, or my bed. You know, as a silent mantra to remind me to believe in myself.

Because what says BELIEVE IN YOURSELF more than a 6X larger than life size portrait of a winking tabby in an ornate frame spray-painted gold?

I’ll tell you what.


How much do you think one of these goes for?

Jennifer June