Hump! Hump!

Things I’ve been doing over the last week (While I was ignoring you) that were helpful and amazing good times and awesome and inspirational in a rainbow of ways:

Taught a Self-Realization Workshop to a group of brilliant, beautiful and enthusiastic, immigrant women.

Dove back into The Artist’s Way – I am seriously going to finish it this time!!

Watched the movie My Week With Marilyn.

I know it sounds strange but I identified with some of the characters in a deeply profound way and although I imagine this isn’t what the filmmaker was going for, as disturbing as the film was, I had several epiphanies throughout watching it.

Burlesque Bowling

Damiana Dolce (that's me!) Photo by Cherry Typhoon

Cherry Typhoon

Lady Josephine

Went to an adorable and hilarious play called Mama’s Club with the lovely Lady Josephine.

Had a ridiculous post-play conversation about how my eco-friendly mascara sucks boogers and despite being so natural and organic that it’s probably made out of the crushed toe-nails of baby angels, runs like Tammy Baker’s at the slight suggestion of humidity.

Followed that conversation up with an even more ridiculous one:

Went for Supper at Franky’s dad’s place
and had the immense pleasure of meeting his brat-faced, 17 year old little brother’s bad-ass friend who played the piano like nobody’s business. My jaw was on the floor.


Downloaded the cheeziest ever most ridiculous DVD on the planet so I could Zumba my booty to perfection.

And was subsequently ridiculed by Thing 1 and Thing 2 who insisted on watching me flop around the living room like a lunatic, in an attempt to master booty shaking and meringue hip hopping.

ME: What? Did she just say HUMP HUMP?

Thing 1: PUMP! (old lady…)

Me: I heard that!! (little shit…)

Thing 1: I heard that! (crazy witch…)

*Note, I may have made part of that conversation up in my head. I was feeling a little insecure.

In my defence, after ten minutes of screaming at my (yes – MY – I own them now) hot-blooded sex-machine instructors that they had no rhythm, I realized that the visual wasn’t synced properly with the audio. I was ever so slightly more coordinated after restarting the DVD.

Some other super inspirational stuff that I can’t remember.

Plus more stuff that I’m going to tell you about tomorrow because I have yoga to do, manifestation to master, a show to prepare for and a client to see this afternoon.

Oh yeah, and also… I MISSED YOU!

Jennifer June