Date Night With Jules

Friday night’s plans were a bust and while I did consider staying home to feel sorry for myself – because who doesn’t love a good sulk? – I decided to take myself out to a movie.

Jules (Thing 1) decided to crash my date with myself at the last minute and the only thing better than pouting by yourself is having somebody to bitch with. So we bundled up and headed out.

We slipped and slid down the alley, through the hood and to the metro.

I annoyed Jules by stopping to take photos every minute and a half. She annoyed me by hiding her face in protest.

We stopped at a little noodle house on St-Catherine for a bowl of soup and what I’m pretty sure was the BEST imperial roll my mouth has had the pleasure of meeting.

Possibly the best imperial roll I have ever eaten in my life

I wish I could remember the name of the place because you all need to go there and eat mountains of them.

“Jules,” I asked, “Should we order more? Or maybe not, I won’t have any room left for popcorn. Maybe I shouldn’t eat all of my soup…”

To which Jules responded,

Jules In My Water

Which I am pretty sure roughly translates to

“Like there is such thing as no room left for popcorn. Woman please.”

I was originally planning to go see Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy but was tired and feeling a little wimpy so I randomly chose a comedy that I had never heard of and knew nothing about and I’m so glad I did!

Roman Polanski’s Carnage
– So good. It has this awkward intimate feeling of live acting and was filmed in the style of a one act play. Jody Foster, Kate Winslet, John C. Reilly and my new celebrity crush, Christopher Waltz, were all brilliant and wonderful in their own individual ways.

Apparently the play (God of Carnage) was just running at the Centaur Theatre in December. And I’m really sorry I missed it.

So all in all -
Last night Jules and I had some great food, the indisputably awesome company of each other and the very pleasant discovery of Carnage.

I’m really glad I forced myself out of my writing pants (read pyjamas) and out to the cinema last night instead of staying home like a big baby. I might have to do that again soon.

Anybody have a film to recommend that they’ve seen lately?

Or a film that they want to see?

Cuz, f you let me come I’ll show you where to find the best imperial rolls in Montréal…

Jennifer June