The Only Thing More Annoying Than An Arrogant Cop Is a Wannabe Cop

Tonight, when getting off the Metro, at Vendome, many of us were stopped by the STM security to have our bus tickets/Opus cards verified. The guy in front of me had left his on the Metro, not needing it anymore.

My understanding is that his fiance had her ticket with her so it was pretty fair to assume that he was telling the truth but instead of letting it go, the security threatened to arrest him if he tried to leave the Metro Station.

Seemingly unfazed, the guy in question just kind of blew off the security as being ridiculous (as they clearly were) and kept walking, they tried to grab him and yelled at him that he would be arrested. He reminded them that they are not police officers and and insisted that they stop touching him. One of the security guards repeated a few times “You have the right to remain silent”.

When one of the STM officers grabbed his fiance’s arm, the man got between them and told them not to touch her either. The security continued to argue and grab at the passenger and then finally dragged him through the turnstile, shoved him up against a door and handcuffed him. When he asked why they were handcuffing him they told him it was for his security.

While I was filming, one of the security officers kept walking in front of my camera, trying to block my view, and two others walked towards me, trying to shine their flashlights directly into the lens of my camera, presumably to stop me from filming, as they dragged the passenger behind a door. We heard crashing noises and him screaming for help. The police were called and the door to the small room where they were holding the passenger was closed.

Even if he never had a bus ticket, which I believe he did, was it worth the time and energy of the 7 STM employees and 2 police officers, not to mention our tax dollars, to violently arrest somebody over????

Point of interest (or not) might be, that right around the corner, in that very same metro station, at that very same moment, sat a group of about 8 minors (between the ages of 14-17) rolling and smoking joints.

Just saying…

The sound is inconsistent and the video is long but I am too tired to edit it for you. Maybe later.

Jennifer June