Still At It

I can’t get into it in the interest of protecting people’s privacy.

In the interest of preserving my sanity.

The last few weeks have been inexplicably overwhelming.

My life has been hijacked by family issues too sensitive and draining to delve into publicly (at least until my book comes out).

Issues that have left me confused, frustrated, sleepless and sobbing.

I’ve had days recently where I felt so defeated and swallowed up I could barely breathe. Days where, had I the energy to lift my arms, I would have thrown them up in the air and given up entirely.

I’m not sure what is keeping me moving right now but I’m grateful for the strength and the glimmers of hope and strength that the universe keeps handing me, each time it starts to feel like I can’t possibly do this another day.

I’m thankful for the creative projects that, while I couldn’t completely focus on them or give them 100%, kept me busy enough to keep me from spending whole days banging my head against the wall.

I’m thankful for a job with flexible enough hours to let me deal with unexpected and repeated crisis without making too huge a dent in my paycheck and a coordinator who understands (and insists upon) prioritizing one’s family over all and any other things.

I’m thankful to my neighbourhood liquor store for finally stocking Oyster Bay.

I’m thankful for my hugely supportive family for all the love and encouragement.

I am so damn thankful for the other Mama’s in my life who understand all too well what I’m going through and help keep me from feeling like a complete raving lunatic.

And I am thankful to my devoted readers for your concern and understanding when I fall off the grid from time to time.

Yes, I’m still here. No I’m not leaving you – You’re not getting rid of me that easily!

I’ll make you all a deal. I’ll try to show more signs of life, despite all that is going on, but you have to be patient and forgive me if for the next little while my posts consist mostly of brain farts and random photos.


Thanks again for the messages, you make me feel so loved.

Jennifer June


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