So I posted about New Year resolutions, joking about how people who keep their resolutions private are either planning to fail and protecting themselves from inevitable humiliation or giving themselves an excuse to procrastinate on the completion of their goals.
I posted a list of my own resolutions for 2012 but being the self-analytical person that I am = being the insomniac that I am – owning a cat in heat who screams bloody murder all night, insuring that even in the brief moments that my body was planning to let me sleep… I don’t.

I’ve come up with more resolutions.

I may have to quit my job to keep up with them all but so be it.

Is it not worth it to my children to live in a refrigerator box if it’s the only thing that makes their mother truly happy?

I mean, I’m doing it for them really. What kind of parent would I be if I didn’t show them by example to never stop evolving – never give up on your dreams?

Why am I inflicting my life plan on you?

As an experiment, to see if being publicly accountable will help motivate me. I’m going to write them here as they come to me and cross them off the list as they have been accomplished.

So here it is, in no particular order:


1. Update The Lady’s Lounge and Sweet Vegan each at Least 3 times per week

2. Finish writing my first book

3. Write 14 songs

4. Perform internationally at least once

5. Lose 10 pounds – Done! I lost 20 lbs

6. Heal myself – since the doctors don’t seem to be able to

7. Produce two shows in Montreal

8. Attempt to start playing violin again

9. Meditate daily

10. Yoga at least 4 times a week

11. Master mindfulness to the best of my ability

12. Practice unconditional acceptance

13. Find a job I love to do that pays me what I worth

14. Create 4 brilliant new acts

15. Take a couple refresher driving lessons (I’ll explain later)

16. Take a dance class

17. Face-lifts for both and SweetVegan.Net

18. At least 4 photo shoots for

19. Study another language

20. Make most purchases re-used, recyclable, bulk, homemade, fair trade, local earth friendly etc…

21. Try new things

Jennifer June


  • At 2013.01.01 12:56, Martine Bourque said:

    Hi, Happy New Year to you! Hope you are well. At some point in the past you had written about an exercise to define goals…( not too sure when)I remember it involved drawing? If you remember what i am referring to could you please send me the link or tell me where to look….

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