With the menace of a thunder and lightening storm looming overhead we gathered at Parc Jeanne-Mance last night.
Adults, children and dogs came together for the Picnic In The Park & Pots & Pans Parade.
We circled the park at 8pm. Neighbors came out from their houses and joined in. Cars honked their horns. Tennis players stopped their game to wave their rackets in the air and bang them on the chain link fence. Cyclists rode by with tin cans strung from the back of their bikes. The baseball game erupted in cheers and applause, and even the city park worker circled the grounds, banging a frying pan on the door of her truck.
I was full of warmth and pride and my eyes were full of tears.

On the way home, I witnessed a gross abuse of power on the part of the STM security guards and the Montreal Police and I felt like pulling the pot and spatula from my bag in protest, but my hands were busy filming it for the passenger who was being aggressed.

Jennifer June

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