My Itchy Shell

I apologize for yesterday’s outburst (kind of) it was a ball of negative poop.

In my defence (of course) I was feeling really alone and cornered and stuff and it helped tremendously to feel like my internet BFFs had my back. Made me feel a little less alone.

Funny how writing to an electronic void in hopes that your words will bump into real live caring souls, makes you feel like you’ve got your peeps by your side.

So I have this deep burning desire to organize my house and clean every corner of of it and pack it all up.

I get that I should probably find an apartment before I do that though so I’ll try to take it slow.

I don’t mind moving. I mind apartment hunting. I mind having lousy credit and a psycho landlady who will never in a million years give me a single good word of reference.

I don’t much like trying to prove myself worthy to potential landlords and I have no idea how I’m going to pull it off this time. It’s going to be a fun game.

But I like starting fresh. I like making new homes.

I’m pretty much a gypsy… or a hermit crab.
My shell gets tight and itchy every 2-5 years and it’s time to find a new one.

I like painting walls and organizing cupboards and deciding what furniture is going to go in which room and what the theme of the space is going to be. That’s all good fun.

I do love the first sleep in a new house. I love it love it love it. I also love the first morning in a new house. It feels like opportunity, a shiny happy brand new leaf. A big breath of fresh air – and could I ever use on of those..

Jennifer June

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5 Comments on "My Itchy Shell"

3 years 10 days ago

Yes I would love it too but I meant as a reference if you need one!

3 years 13 days ago

Jane, your place sounds like paradise. I am visualizing and manifesting and I look forward to reading your blog from my peaceful oasis soon.

3 years 13 days ago

I WISH you were my landlady! We could have supper together every rent day. xx

3 years 14 days ago

Moving in is always the best part! I can be your land lady if you wish.

3 years 19 days ago

I love, love, love that first night in a new home, too. After 17 years in a 3 bedroom/3bath home, I downsized to a one room guest cottage high on a hill and have never been happier. Just breath and visualize yourself happy and peaceful in a place that is every you want and even better — and then let the Universe worry about the details. My best wishes to you, my friend.