My Cauldron Is Broken

As a show of appreciation, for the workshops I taught for the Bill Project – Which by the way, was an absolute pleasure to do – I was presented with a card and gift certificate for a book store. The best gift ever, if you ask me.

Two of these books have been out and on my to-buy list for ages and the other is brand spankin’ new. Like, pre-ordered before it was released new.

I’ve been retreating again lately, not only because I’m so busy I can only find 3 seconds in a day that isn’t spoken for, if I’m lucky. But also I’m stuck in a strange self-reflective space that I feel needs protecting or something.

These phases make me feel moody and sad but are usually super productive times where little corners are organized and big projects are planned.

One of my favourite things to do when I’m in this head-space is cook. It’s calming, meditative and creative and fun.

My only current obstacle is that the lower element in my oven burned out.

I like to pretend I’m pretty macho and having recently replaced the element on the stove I figured, how hard can it be?

Then I opened the oven and realized that it’s not quite as simple as that.

I imagine it will cost me a small fortune (that I don’t have) to have somebody come replace it and having spent about a thousand dollars on my kids teeth (what do they even need teeth for anyway? You don’t need teeth to drink beer and smoke cigaretts last time I checked…) it’s kind of out of the question for at least a few weeks.

So! if any electrician/appliance repair people are reading this, I’ll bake you a batch of Tiramisu Cupcakes and let you play with my boobs (okay fine, that part’s for me but what can I say? I’m lonely) if you come over and fix my oven.

I’m so excited to crack these books open and get cooking.

Oh! and when I crawl out of my shell, you’re all invited over for supper.

Jennifer June


  • At 2012.04.12 15:15, Vanessa said:

    YOU of all people should never offer THAT you’ll have people lining up…sadly I’ve changed it before but I can’t remember how :( It worked though and the element cost about 25$. The best thing to do would be to take it out and take it with you to the store. MAKE SURE YOU UNPLUG THE STOVE. If you need help I’m have maybe a few hours in the aft Saturday. NO payment REQUIRED. LOL
    Vanessa´s last blog post ..I ♥ the MUSEUM

    • At 2012.04.12 21:30, Jennifer June (admin) said:

      Vanessa, I was eating your blog all up last week, perusing for inspiration.

      • At 2012.04.16 15:38, Vanessa said:

        Thanks Jen I haven’t been writing that much lately because I’m overwhelmed at work and I got a virus on my computer here so I’m not set up the way I used to be (can’t put pictures on it) and I am struggling with my blog because everything is so much more difficult. For my Wednesday art installment I was very excited to put a video of the art Zen’s been doing that was on my phone and I friggen washed it in the washing machine last night. UGH!
        Vanessa´s last blog post ..I ♥ the MUSEUM

    • At 2012.04.12 17:42, Julie said:

      Veganomicon play an important role in the everyday life of my family! I am sure that you are going to love it!
      Julie´s last blog post ..Dental Implants For A Permanent Tooth Alternative

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