Meditation, Moving and Puppies

Something’s not right.

My eyes feel like they’re on fire.

I can’t sleep at night.

I didn’t even have the energy to have a panic attack at the metro station this afternoon. I thought about it. Waited for the OCD kick in and start what-iffing myself into a state. But nothing happened.

I’m serious people. It’s bad.

I heard yesterday that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradise broke up and I didn’t even care!

I don’t know if it’s because It’s 2 trillion degrees outside (with the humidity it feels like 2 trillion and 12 degrees)

Maybe it’s because it dawned on me this morning that I have only one week left to pack up this whole house and move it and I haven’t even called anyone to ask for help or borrow a van or anything.

Maybe it’s because work has been crazy draining for the last couple of weeks and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

It’s probably all those things and more.

I probably really REALLY need a break. And a puppy.

I need a month on a beach or in a hammock under a tree. With a puppy.

I need deep breaths and time to rejuvenate skin cells and what have you.

You know, I told you yesterday about my experience at the Unitarian Church last week and I implied that I’m up for other spiritual experiences. I would love to go to a Buddhist or Meditation retreat if anybody knows of a free one in Montreal please let me know. I honestly think this is exactly what I need.

Oh and help moving, and a van. I need that too so, anyone who was hoping to spend hours of their valuable time next weekend carrying boxes and furniture up a flight of stairs,or even just driving up and down the six block stretch to the new house, while I load and unload myself even, gimme a shout. xx

Jennifer June

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  • At 2012.06.22 10:50, Dizdog said:

    You need a dog without a doubt – they cure what ails you everyday. I was having a community need/maybe church would help feeling last year and I got a dog and it’s all better now. He is a friend, someone to venture with, and people talk to me/him all the time on the street and in the parks. It’s true, god backwards is dog for a reason.

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