In Which The French Language Police Cross The Line

**Warning: My francophone friend’s, lovers and otherwise objects of my affection. You may be offended by this post. And I won’t care very much. But I’ll be a little sad and hope that somewhere deep down inside, you still love me**

You know…

It was enough to get under my skin that in order for children in Montréal to go to school in English, both parents must provide proof that they were educated in the English school system since the date of their unholy conception.

I get the whole preserve our language thing. I really do. And I fully support the whole separation thing, if you’re sure that’s what you want to do. After all, I was born here. I’ll get to be the citizen of not 2 but 3 countries. How cool is that?

But we are one country for the moment and in this country , there are TWO official languages.

And in my awesome opinion, people should be able to school their children in the language of their choice.




That’s right, I said it.

It was enough to annoy me that people are being fined for having their business signs read with the language of their choice written in the same size font as the French version of the name. Yes. The government found a way to fine people for not writing their names in French bigger than the other language. Seriously.

SERIOUSLY. What are we five years old people?

It was enough to send me into a blind rage (and call my poor french-speaking boyfriend, frothing at the mouth, ranting like a lunatic and perhaps even referring to the French-Language-Police as Nazis *oops* ) when I read about the proposed bill to

IDENTIFY ALL ANGLOPHONES IN QUÉBEC (only) on their medical cards so as to be sure to provide government/medical/emergency services, in English, ONLY to registered anglophones because immigrants should be “forced” to speak only in French while in this province.

But THIS…. this is where I draw the line:

HAVE YOU NO SHAME??? Don’t you EVEN think about charging me three dollars more for my salt and pepper tofu, people!! I will seriously throw down.

P.S. maybe somebody should tell them that in English, numerical symbols are the same as in French. I’m just saying…

Jennifer June


  • At 2012.05.06 12:34, Valérie said:

    Sweety, it is not because one is in english and the other one in french que c’est plus cher. L’un est le prix du Dimanche au Jeudi, l’autre pour Vendredi et Samedi, Jours fériés et Fêtes.


    • At 2012.05.06 12:36, Valérie said:

      plus I am not sure que c’est des Québécois who owned that restaurant…
      But I still love you!

      • At 2012.05.06 19:02, Jennifer June (admin) said:

        Oooooh Val,
        I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I was just joking.
        I know it wasn’t the Language Police who own that restaurant, I just thought the lay-out of the poster was funny. xx

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