Hot Chuck Transfusion

I’m hooked on a new cooking show, Chuck’s Day Off. I feel like Chuck has more energy than naturally possible and has probably been dipping a little too far into the sugar sac but I don’t judge anything in packaging as delicious as his. The show is drool inducing, from the stuffed fried zucchini flowers to Chuck’s muscular tattooed forearms.

Each tantalizing minute of each mouth watering episode is entrancing.

I’ve been fantasizing for weeks about wrapping my lips around his Kimchi Crab Spring Rolls (after I veganize the crab bit of course…).

And then tonight, tonight I saw this in the metro:


After which, I melted into a puddle of pathetic and cooed shamelessly “awwww… he gives blood?”.

I’ve had blood transfusions you know, and Chuck is from Montreal, he even has restaurants here.

Oh! My God! Imagine if he had the same exact rare blood type as me and one of my transf.. Okay no, I’ll stop.

But only because I have to go start writing my resignation letter to my boss, to free up some stalking time and also to call a girl who knows a guy who might know Chuck, and see if she can hook me up…

I’ll keep you posted. Naturally

Jennifer June

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  • At 2012.06.21 09:03, yercinnamongirl said:

    Amelia has an ongoing FULL ON obsession with Chuck. He must be a good match for Leos or something. For Melly’s high school grad present my parents took her to Garde Manger and she is still obsessed and she is about to begin university so her crush has passed the test of time. I would love to see you two talking about how hot he is that would be fun. It feels like Mel was always 20 around you.
    yercinnamongirl´s last blog post ..My Mother’s Hometown: Portneuf sur Mer

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