Happy Mother’s Day Mamas

In my life I have struggled, Oh how I have struggled.

And many wonderful people have lent a hand, gave compassion and support and encouragement and inspiration to keep me going along the way.

As a single parent I have been faced with hardships, poverty and tragedy that I was certain I would never overcome. And if it weren’t for the kindness of family, friends, and strangers, I am not sure I would have.

And more than anyone, the people who have, without hesitation, jumped in to help in any possible way they could were all the Mamas in my life, including my own. All 3 of them.

Be it an ear to vent into or a shoulder to cry on, somebody to force me to let them take me to get my haircut (for the first time in 4 years) after my husband left me, offering babysitting or a bed to sleep in, initiating fund-raising, sending an anonymous grocery delivery to the house, conspiring revenge, enabling me to run away from home from time to time, getting me in some well deserved trouble, bringing over a home cooked meal, diapers, 6 dozen condolence muffins, a bottle of wine or a roll of toilet paper or… a 76 Dodge Aspen…

All the Mamas united to, as one of my favourite Mama’s says, “get ‘er done”.

Seriously. Last time I moved, I threw out an S.O.S and who should show up at the door, ready to pack, lift and drive? Moms (and also Karine, who is not a mom but should be, which is why I have tried to give her my children on countless occasions, despite her resistance).

Mom’s who were between running errands and picking up their kids from daycare, moms who were sneaking off from work for a couple of hours. Even my boyfriend’s mom came in from out of town to help me.

I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you women who have been a part of my life, as each one of you has moved (emotionally and physically) me, inspired me and/or believed in me.

I’m thinking of all the strong brilliant, beautiful Mamas today. May your children and spouses/lovers treat you like the Queen that you are from the minute you wake up this morning to the second you lay your head down to sleep tonight. xx

Me & My Mama - 1974-ish

Jennifer June

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