Gettin Her Done…Or Not

Remember how I had these big plans to organize my entire life and future before leaving for Sweden?

Remember how I didn’t do that and so then I decided that I would do it on the painfully long journey to Sweden?

And remember how that never happened either so I decided I would find some quiet time while I was away for two long weeks in Sweden and do it then?

And remember how I never even had 5 single minutes to myself while I was there and the time flew by so very quickly and before I knew it I was already on my way back home to Montréal?

And remember how I was going to do it on the ridiculously long journey back home?

But we had so many flights and interruptions and layovers, during which I was ever so busy and didn’t have time to write a life-plan…

Helsinki To London

London To Montreal

And remember how I was getting home on Wednesday night so I would have all day Thursday to write a life-plan, clean my house and prepare for my Birthday/Housewarming party on Friday?

And remember how I woke up Thursday feeling like I had been run-over by a train, been glamoured by a vampire, had my brain magnetically erased, been shoved through a pasta press and marinated in salt and white wine vinegar for 6 days, so I couldn’t really do much of anything and even had to have my boyfriend lift my coffee cup to my lips because I was too exhausted/physically challenged to do it myself? Neither does he.

And remember how Friday was my birthday and I turned 42 years old and then ate too much great food and drank just enough delicious wine and surrounded myself with lovely people right up until 3 o’clock in the morning?

And remember how on Saturday it was still kind of my birthday and I was still jet-lagged and I still did pretty much nothing at all?

And remember how on Saturday I was sure that on Sunday I would for sure organize my entire life and plan my entire future?

Well I didn’t.

But I did make these and I am super proud of myself, despite the 30 lbs I gained in the process.

Vegan Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

I’ll for sure be getting my life in order and all that other planning of the future and shtuff done tomorrow though… for sure….

Jennifer June

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