Bittersweet In Stockholm

While our reason for travelling to Sweden is a tragic story, and there is plenty of tension and emotional disturbance to go around, there are these moments of wonder and delight.

I sit on the back steps with my glass of wine and take in the smells and sounds of a foreign land.

In our own back yard, the cousins, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents are speaking to one another in Swedish, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Norwegian.

Some of us have no common language at all and communicate only with offerings of food and hugs.

I find the Swedish public a bit strange. They return my smiles with blank stares or implied confusion.

I find the weather perfect. And the Indian food delicious. Who knew?

I was disappointed to find that so many of the shops are the same as the ones in North America, H&M, Zara, MANGO etc…

It reminds me of how generic the world is becoming and that makes me sad.

I was pleased to find that the chocolate here is a tasty as I remembered it.

I think it’s fun that the city buses here have drapes in every window and are cleaner than the lobby of the Hilton in Montréal.

They have Magpies here. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen one in real life before but here they are everywhere.

I love That dogs are allowed on the Metro.

That the escalators only move when people are on them.

That if you misread the signs in the boutique windows that read Final Sale in English and Slut Rea, in Swedish, it says Slut Sale.

Because if ever there was something that should come as a bargain…

I wish tomorrow we weren’t going to the cemetery.

I want to stay here for another month.

I want to go home tonight.

I enjoyed this café

And this boat

And these ones…

Boats In Sweden

And a few other sights…

The visit has been great but intensely overstimulating, shopping, sight seeing, family activities, feelings, eggshells, late nights, early mornings, and what-have-you, and I look forward to taking some mindful moments soon.

If I can find some of those moments that aren’t already spoken for. I will savour them. Maybe I will share them with you… maybe I’ll keep them for myself.

Jennifer June

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