Birds Fly Over The Rainbow… Why Can’t I?

Yesterday somebody asked me what my aspirations were… are.

I have too many to list and no excuse for not reaching them. They’ve been the same since I was in kindergarten.

Honestly, my life-plan has changed very little since I was 10 years old.

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I simply responded – Judy Garland.

No pressure there.

She died at 47 years old but she had a head start,embarking on her career at a very young age. That gives me very little time to get a lot done! What with me being 41-hundred years old already and all.

I have to be an actress and a singer (check)

Perform in Vaudeville shows (check)

Attain international stardom (uh…)

Win a Golden Globe Award,Grammy Awards AND a Special Tony Award.

Be nominated for and Academy Award for Best Actress and for Best Supporting Actress. (I might as well win them while I’m at it I mean… go big or go home right?)

I need to make more than two dozen films (2 down, 22+ to go…)

Record about 23 albums, not including compilations (0 down, 23 to go)

Be was plagued by financial instability (check)

Be swimming in debt (check)

Get married five times (could be tricky. I’ve been proposed to by every boyfriend and baby-daddy I’ve ever had but my true colours came shining through before any of them followed through on the threat offer)

Divorce 4 times (see above)

Acquire addiction to pharmaceuticals

Die prematurely of a tragic overdose

And I have to do it all in the next 6 years.

Except for the tragic overdose dying part. That I’ll probably leave out of the life-plan. The drug addiction however is negotiable.

Where to live. I’ve waffled back and forth since childhood on this one. California is so plastic and earthquake ridden.

I love the history and romance of The Big Apple – but I’ve always yearned for a year round garden and the New York winters are almost as long as the ones here in Montreal… ugh.

Maybe a small house in San Francisco for the winters and (Not including Christmas of course. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Lord And Taylor’s window displays, ice skating at Rockefeller Centre and the lighting of the tree in Times Square) New York the rest of the year.

Except, of course, for when I’m at the villa in Europe, checking in on my goats and husking the loofah…

I always found it a bit extravagant that so many rich people have many homes but it’s starting to make sense to me now.

Multiple homes, diamonds and pearls, Films, albums, awards, husbands, addictions… I think it’s all pretty straight forward and honestly, when the light hits me right… well my mom looks like the love child of Liza Minnelli and Susan Sarandon… if they had one. And if that baby looked mostly like Susan but a tiny bit like a very very young Liza… so.

I mean…

Judy Garland


We’re basically twins…

If we throw a book or two into the mix I’d say the life-plan is a pretty concrete. I just have to work out the management, publishing and funding… and skills. But as my Grandpa used to say – How hard can it be?


Jennifer June


  • At 2011.11.11 13:26, LIZ said:

    I just want to be greta garbo, i can live in NYC as a Hermit and i look good in a raincoat and beret is that enough!

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