Because The Only Thing Tough Enough To Kick My Ass Is Me

6. Heal myself – since the doctors don’t seem to be able to.

I’m off to the hematologist this morning for routing stabbing and draining of my life-force. Most of you already know why and the rest of you can go read about it HERE if you want to. And I would if I were you because honestly…

Who doesn’t love the tale of a near death experience?

A rousing review of hospital food?

Living vicariously through a lunatic on steroids?

And side effects! Oh the fun we have with bloating, moon face, insomnia, rashes, hair loss and constipation!

Am I right?

And in summary for those of you who don’t know but have the attention span of a flea (as I do) or are too lazy (as I am) to click on the link , In January 2010, I came face to face with my own mortality when afflicted with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. Resulting in a 2 week stay in the hospital, (12) A billion blood transfusions and immune globulin infusions (infusion sounds more zen than transfusion, leave it alone) and a whole whack of nasty steroids.

The doctors aren’t sure which autoimmune disease I have that led up to this but I am plagued with a host of bizarre symptoms, and chronic (often debilitating) pain and fatigue.

Now, I’m no expert but it is my understanding that Autoimmune diseases are basically an overactive immune system mistaking parts of it’s own body as intruders and attacking its own cells, organs, (in my case blood) etc…

How awesome is that? An immune system that stages a full on mutiny and actively tries to kill you.

The autoimmune party includes a guest list featuring Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Hashimotos’s, Graves, Chrohns, Celiac and so many others.

Admittedly, I have spent the past 2 years feel like somewhat of a victim. But I’m seriously sick of it.

After I got home from the hospital I made some lifestyle changes, including, quiting my job at the homeless shelter, practising to recognize my own limits, setting boundaries with other people (that was super hard for me and still is) making the shift from vegetarian to vegan etc…

But I know there is more I can do.

I know I’m not a medical professional and it is probable that I can’t actually completely heal myself but I am making it my goal this year to do absolutely everything I can to come as close to health and wellness and as pain-free (I can’t even remember what that feels like) a life as possible.

A few days ago my daughter posted this super-cheesy picture on my facebook wall and I decide to use it as my graphic mascot, my mantra and overall motivation for as long as it works.

I really should have this as a T-Shirt. If somebody makes me this T-Shirt I will wear it proudly… with stirrup pants… and leg warmers… and a side ponytail. I will then take a photo of myself wearing it all and post it here on The Lady’s Lounge.

In addition, I will send you a free Lady’s Lounge T-Shirt… after somebody designs one for me… yep. That’s what I’ll do.

Speaking of which, if any of you creative geniuses have a brilliant idea for a logo or T-Shirt design feel free to submit it by email or attach the image to your comment. If I use it I promise to pay you for it. Preferably with Vegan Jelly Beans and macaroni art but we could negotiate dollars too If you already have enough candy, glitter glue and pasta at home.

If anybody has any experience in the Autoimmune department and has some awesome suggestions – I am so open to hear them and ready to try them.

In the meantime I’m putting my boxing gloves on, making myself a fresh glass of ginger-apple-beet juice and kicking some ass.

Go team!

But first I have to go have my hemoglobin counted and my antibodies checked and stuff… and then I have to take the screaming banshee to the vet for her pre-surgery check-up. *JOY*

But right after that,

IT’s ON!

Jennifer June

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