And the winner is… Concombre a la Grec.

Last night was our 8th or 9th year in a row at the Quebec Writers Federation Awards Gala. The venue is beautiful. I am dying to put on a show there but I’m not sure if anyone will come, as the neighborhood leaves something to desired. Inside is a gorgeous art deco burlesque style theater. All wood, shell lamps, original moldings from the 20’s etc… but unfortunately it’s pretty much situated at the corner of crack and ho.

Every year we choose our seat with people watching in mind because that’s the real reason we go. Actually that’s a lie, we’re in it for the hors d’oeuvres. I may have to file a complaint though, I notice there are fewer every year. This year there were no mushroom pastries and no sushi and I saw Brent eating a paté cracker thing that I swear looked like cheese whiz on a Ritz cracker. I’m just saying.

This is the first year that none of my friends were nominated and I hadn’t actually read the books in advance (I know, I know) so I chose who to cheer for, as I often do, based on looks alone.

CBC’s Jeanette Kelly asked if she could sit with us and at some point in the conversation let it slip that she may or may not be single. I whispered to Brent to be on his best behavior, by which I meant for him to cruise charm her. He munched away on his shrimp puff and Kelly continued to be her hot sexy self to no avail. I tried.

“what is that you just ate?”
“I don’t know”
“What did it taste like?
“I’m not sure.”

My favorite acceptance speech was made by Monique Polak (and her adorable mother) for What World Is Left. She was so cute you could squish her and far more entertaining than the MC. He was so boring I could have cried.

I usually ask myself for a list of inspiration and an idea of what I got out of the evening but I’m a little exhausted and have a show to prepare for for tonight so my summarized version is: I think I might like to read Colin McAdam’s – Fall, It’s not because you are famous that you make a good master of ceremonies and if you put tiny pieces of feta and tomato on a cumber slice and pass it around on a silver tray you can call it concombre a la grec.

Jennifer June

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